This platform is my personal take and opinions on the forgotten potential of Africa through Financial and Technological Innovations. While drawing some correlations between world news events affecting developing markets, the purpose is to find where’s the EDGE. Obviously, Cameroon is the pilot for the broader outlook.

Contact:   armelopost @ gmail . com

Armel N.


The views and opinions within this site represent my own and not those of people, institutions or organizations I am affiliated with unless stated explicitly. My web platform (Armelopost) is not affiliated with, neither does it represent the views, position or attitudes of my employer(s) their clients, or any of their affiliated companies.



  1. Hey call me as soon as possible

  2. Hi, am a research student at the university of buea, am doing a research on the regulations of listing of shares on the douala stock exchange. but i cant seem to find any such information under the site, can anyone lend me a helping hand, please…

  3. Greetings if this is Ashu Ensonya O’John, please contact me as soon as possible. thank you.

  4. Interesting platform. Well done Armel.

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