Posted by: Armel | January 18, 2010

African Cup of Nations: Test of National Pride?

African Cup of Nations Vs English Premier League. Or how to apply passion for premier leagues matches as a sign of deeper issues for Africans.  Simon kuper of the sporting life column in the FT, suggests that nationalist sentiment in African countries is eroding. And to argue his point, he enlisted a Nigerian University Lecturer who conducted a “poll” of  TV viewership during the previous African Cup of Nations (2008) Vs  English Premier League matches in the same period. The assumption here is that since football fans were more interested in Premier leagues matches than games played by the Super Eagles (Nigerian National Team), this could imply ” the diminishing importance of a Nation” in favour of allegiance to a European football club !


 Although there exist a  trend among football fans in some African countries – where the National Team is not used to victories – to look towards club matches , it’s too far fetched to link it to a collapse in Nation building.  During the African Cup tournament, it’s not hard to find football fans from a competing Country support the National Squad of another African nation instead. But to use sport passion as a sign of a decrease in national pride is a huge leap, rather it should indicate the success of a global reaching marketing campaign by leading european clubs (Barca, Man.U etc..)

Armel Njeunou


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