Posted by: Armel | July 6, 2009

Leap Towards a Scientific Service Industry


African technological institutes have more to gain from the worldwide turn towards services driven economies.

Given their legacy in math and sciences, technical institutes could easily apply that knowledge and develop a scientific approach to the service industries.

This implies a move towards sophisticated technological support for all customer service focused jobs. Although in the past, business owners did not need to use optimizing software applications to increase efficiency, those times are gone! Now is the time to show and prove how the scientific method applied to abstract notions such as services can improve revenues and profit margins.

Nowadays, with the service sector as large and growing as it is, the “services science” is coming along as a way out of stagnation for graduates  currently looking for jobs in their field of choice. Using algorithms to develop new computer programs for the service sectors could generate a new stream of needed jobs in Africa. In several countries on the continent, the younger generation is mostly unemployed, but yet, very well educated.

Armel Njeunou


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