Posted by: Armel | June 3, 2009

Monetizing Remittances in Africa


Instead of questioning the possibility,  what if we were to come up with a viable method of monetizing on the remittances inflows ?

How to channel the remittances and their regularity trough the formal financial sector in a way that would benefit both participating Financial Institutions (F.I) and the receivers on the local level?

Daily living expenses can take up 75 to 80% of remittances in some areas regardless of government assistance level. Let’s not forget that according to official reports, this money is a more reliable source of finance than private sector investment or even official development aid. F.I in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) are opening more branches than ever in the past and most of those are primarily dedicated to transferring funds. But so far, neither the senders nor the receivers have been offered  a financial product that could capitalize on this massive flow of cash and benefit both.

That’s what my focus is going to be for a while and any tips or/and (free) contributions are welcome.

Armel Njeunou



  1. Lool….le sssssss….

  2. Armelopost I think before we get to contribute, you should talk about possible revenue sharing on the other side of implementation. (Got a few ideas, unfortunately, they are not free ! sorry)

  3. Loool….tt le monde sent le sssssss….lol

  4. @N.Ess, It was just something that striked me while doing random research. So your thoughts are too far ahead here. + I already know I can’t afford your “advices” !

    @Yohan le SSSS n’est pas partout ! It’s coming, but not there yet lol

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