Posted by: Armel | March 6, 2009

Is Abdoulaye Wade Running for the IMF or U.N?



The President of Senegal purchased ad spaces in major newspapers around the World to publish his “Bouquet for Obama”. In the message Wade is proposing broad solutions to fix the broken International monetary system. This is not the first time Me Wade came out to news outlets to advocate alternative solutions to major crisis.

All this high level “PR” exercises, made me believe that the current President is positionning himself for a role in an International organization post retirement from the Presidency in Senegal (If that ever happens).

Nevertheless, the second part of his “bouquet” of ideas are strategic solutions for Africa. On the surface, these points are the same being brought for the last two decades, but never get implemented. At least he’s speaking out and should be commended for it.

Here is the second part of his message to Obama on Africa:

Strategic position of Africa

Africa offers a unique and strategic solution for avoiding the recurrence of the global economic crises.  Africa could absorb a significant part of the massive speculative capital mainly responsible for inflation as recently noted in the soaring prices of oil and agricultural products.


Exceptionally endowed with natural and human resources, Africa should be developed briskly following the 19th century American model by opening up to private capital, specifically the scientific community devoted to the economic levers within a newly-created continental organization, namely the United States of Africa.


 Abdoulaye Wade

S/ce: FT



  1. Let us take a look at his entire message…

  2. Posted Yohan !

  3. Wade is making himself appear as a leader among presidents of former French colonies in Africa. Every time there is a high profile event he’s there. But the good thing about it is that he always comes ready for a debate and knows his stuff.

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