Posted by: Armel | January 26, 2009

Randomly yours…


Rachida Dati got kicked out of the prestigious French Interior Ministry by Sarko, but guess what? In France, nobody cares. The drama still surround her new born baby with an unknown father. WHO’S HER BABY DADDY ???



Western Europe is now embracing Mc Donald’s meals ! Recently polled residents of France, UK, Germany, Spain and Italy admitted that with food prices rising, ” Mc Donald’s a better deal than eating at home”. Go figure !



  1. LMAO!!
    How do you go from “Africa’s Imported Wealth” to Rachita Dati’s baby’s daddy drama??????. Only u A, only u….

  2. LOL that why it’s titled “randomly”. Truly random & surprising news making headlines from the other side of the Ocean !
    You said it best: ” Only A” could do this. (Funny)!

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