Posted by: Armel | December 16, 2008

ZIMBABWE: Believing the hype?




The Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe  Dr. Gideon Gono,  just revealed in his new book, published in Harare that he was recently offered a top executive position at both the World Bank and the African Development Bank by Condoleezza Rice and George Bush (trough the U.S Ambassador).

This is really shocking if you ask me! How can this guy can be on the targeted sanctions list of government officials from Zimbabwe and at the same time gets an offer for a Senior Vice-President post? This is the kind of double-game that get people so skeptical about the truth of what is really happening in Zimbabwe. Dr. Gideon Gono is being ridiculed and mocked for his monetary policies in response to rampant inflation (200 millions bills) and they think he should be a Senior Vice President of the World Bank (oh really!) Well, at least now we know that those positions filling are purely political appointees of the US government and can be used as a tool to obtain concessions.

It’s cruel if you realized what they are trying to do to the people of Zimbabwe – forget Mugabe nobody thinks he should stay –  but do they really need people to starve to death, die of cholera, or bring the entire economic tissue to its knee to pressure him to leave? Seriously, this is the same method that was employed all over developing countries for 40 years. It happened during the independence wars, during regime change etc.. Every time the “powers that be” are not happy with who’s in charge (Africa, Middle East, South America) they always choose to hurt the poor people hoping that the rampant suffering of the local population would convince the leader to resign. What ends up happening unfortunately is that by the time the new leader they prefer is in power, the situation deteriorated to the point where he’ll spend the rest of his time trying to bring the country back up to where it was (economically and  infracstructures), and it’s nearly impossible sometimes.



  1. Armel I agree with there’s a tragedy behind all this, but remember that book you told me about? This is just the way of the World!

  2. Pete,
    I remember the book very well, but what are you suggesting here? That I just ignore the issue?

    Btw, how was cabo?

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