Posted by: Armel | October 28, 2008

IMF: Dismal Economic Performance for Cameroon in 2009


The International Monetary Fund has, in its regional economic outlook report, projected a dismal economic performance for Cameroon in 2009

IMF officials, projects that in 2009; Cameroon would record an unenviable 0.5 percent in its trade balance dropping from 3.3 percent this year. Real per capita growth for Cameroon in 2009 would be 1.7 percent, an insignificant increase of 0.7 percent from the 2008 projection.

But the current financial crisis is not affecting the economies in the region to the same degree. The IMF Deputy Director of African Department, Benedict Vibe Christensen, emphasised that growth in sub-Saharan Africa, estimated at 6 percent, even in the face of the financial crisis, is one of the highest, with Cameroon registering 4.3 percent.

Armel Njeunou



  1. ma bro, this is Cameroon for u. am amazed by our priority, if am the president of our republic the first thing i do wil be stop relations with IMF and learn how to manage my internal resources

  2. Due to the graphic and personal nature of some of the comments on this particular entry, they are now removed from this thread.

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