Posted by: Armel | September 1, 2008

African ETFs ?


I like the idea behind Equity Traded Funds, and I think this can be a better way to involve global markets into business activities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

But Africa’s potential (coming to fruition) has been announced around the corner for a minute now. With debt forgiveness and other re-financing programs adopted by several countries on the continent, there are projected increases in revenues for companies doing business there. Energy & Infrastructure are leading the pack of new expenses allocations for local governments (South Africa not included).

With that said, if I am to believe that the hoopla is actually true, howcome there aren’t a lot of ETF focusing on Sub-Saharan Africa* ? 

 *Some of the ETFsinvolved in African markets (on shore and offshore) are already heavily weighted (high co-relation) to South Africa.

Armel Njeunou



  1. That’s right ! lots of people are confused about these so called “African” ETFs. Most of them are only pulling from South African mineral stocks and have nothing to do with any other country.

    Good point!

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