Posted by: Armel | August 18, 2008

T. Boone Pickens Energy plan? Yeah right!!


I knew something was up with this guy throwing money around in a major advertising campaign talking about “helping” America fix its Energy crisis. And all that just for the sake of mankind ? Just to secure a better future for American children? His campaign in the media and in congress was called a ” selfless crusade “. During several appearances, he talked a good game of saving American Interests because he already made enough money in the oil industry and now just wanted to help.

In case you too are wondering what would make T.Boone Pickens spend $58millions out of his own pocket, well your suspicions were founded, the plan he’s advocating would boost his personal $2bn investments in Natural Gas and Wind Power plant to billions and billions in profit. There is nothing wrong with that per say, but at least he should admit to it instead of passing himself for the new savior.

Here is an article detailing the real reasons behind this pseudo “awareness campaign” along with his personal private investments in alternative energy resources. CLICK HERE..

Boone is gusty to say the least. He might even challenge the infamous J.R Ewing in that area !



  1. On behalf of T boone, let’s put it this way:
    Oil =Energy
    We can then infer that:
    New Oil man= New Energy Man.

  2. Solid post. I will definitely come back soon.

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