Posted by: Armel | August 10, 2008

Israel, Iran,The Neo-cons and Oil Prices

The New Neo-Cons, War Games, Nuclear Weapon and Oil Prices

When you watch the video below, pay attention to the economic aspects of this political stance: where do you think the price of oil is going to be if anything close to what is described in this video do happen?
Whether you are a believer in conspiracy theories or not, the fact of the matter is we have entered one of the most dangerous period in modern history where economic and financial interests collide with global dominance. (I’m just saying…)

Video from American News Project (ANP)



  1. OMFG !!
    You gotta be kidding. Are these neo-conservatives for real? Wtf is going on around here?
    This video got me scared of WWIII now! Seriously.

  2. Nope not kidding ! The neo-cons are ALWAYS for real. Everything they advocate somehow always gets on the agenda. Always! (look back at recent US history)

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