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Today, the C.E.O of Transcorp(Nigeria) Tom Iseghohi was interviewed by Maria Bartiromo on CNBC about the potential returns of Investments in Africa.                 Click here for the video

The potential for growth in Africa remains on the agenda of many institutional investors in the US. The GDP forecast from african countries was still on the upstream despite the global recession:

-Angola 16% projected rise in GDP, Nigeria 9.1% , Cameroon 4.5% (IMF data).

The rise in commodities prices made Africa with huge natural resources a power player in the global scheme. Add to this, the fact that the local sectors are also booming. Telecommunications as Iseghohi mentioned is currently active as proven by the latest moves in the sector (here..). The Infrastructure sector is a guaranteed revenue stream because the current debt cancellation program redirects all debt schedules to infracstrures projects in the region.

Armel Njeunou



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  2. Hi,
    Your blog has been referred on the Transcorp Investors Forum on


  3. @ Steph
    I saw that, and actually, that forum is extremely insightful and close to what I have been saying all along on this blog. There is another forum similar to that motto but also entirely devoted to NSE (Nigerian Stock Exchange) investors.

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