Posted by: Armel | July 3, 2008

STUPID MONEY: Stuntin’101 !!

For all my friends out there.. This is NOT for KIDS !


From WSJ

“Abu Dhabi businessman Saeed Khouri made headlines and the Guinness Book of World Records when he paid $14 million for the tag simply sporting a “1.”  His cousin, stockbroker Talal Khouri, paid $9 million for “5” — the second-largest sum ever paid for a license plate.”

Just in case you are still unsure, let me write it again: $14Million for a freakin’ LICENSE PLATE !!! If this is not of the craziest way of spending dumb money, I don’t know what is..


BELOW IS THE VIDEO OF THE FAMOUS AUCTION of the “1” LICENSE PLATE that went for $14 millions


Ladies and Gentlemen, we live on the same planet, but in different worlds ( that’s for sure !!)

S/ce: WSJ



  1. JESUS !

    Is this thing for real ? They gonna go broke soon if they keep spending all that “oil” money like that. That’s really crazy !!

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