Posted by: Armel | June 5, 2008

FREE Taste of Investment Trading


The Financial Times Allows you to make trades on selected contracts Free of charge 

FT Predict is a Prediction Market contest the Financial Times is hosting that allows users to buy and sell contracts based on future financial, political, and news-driven events by spending fictional Financial Times Dollars (FT$). Using the fictional dollars, you can then attempt multiples trades (buy or sell) on availables contracts of your choosing. It is absolutely free to sign up and can be projected as some form of fantasy market game where your predictions are put to the test.

But you would need to be familiar with some financial regulations and procedures because this is close to the real thing (Variation margins, trades coms, expiration fees etc..).

Based on the assumptions displayed in James Surowiecki’s The Wisdom of Crowds, this contest allows people to use prediction markets to observe future occurrences while competing for weekly and monthly prizes.

Armel Njeunou

source: IndiasNews


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