Posted by: Armel | May 12, 2008

Is Philip Emeagwali REAL or FAKE ??

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There are a number of dedicated web sites out there, debunking the claims plastered all over Emeagwali web pages. I had to take a closer look because if the achievements Emeagwali attributed to himself are really overstated, exaggerated or even false, it changes everything about who he really is. He is an icon to a lot of up and coming scientists in the developing World, but based on some of contradictoryfacts uncovered, Emeagwali might be all “HYPE” !

-Issue #1:
Emeagwali did not make the “world’s fastest computation” in 1989. Instead he received a prize for the Price/Performance award ( by default !)

-Issue #2:
The Gordon Bell Award in computing is not the equivalent of the Nobel Prize

-Issue #3:
The “Connection Machine” was not invented by Emeagwali

-Issue #4:
Emeagwali says he has a lot of patents or patent applications, but none can be traced trough The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

-Issue #5:
“Dr. Emeagwali”  never got his PH.D. In fact it appears he did enrolled in a PhD program at the University of Michigan, but failed his qualification examinations twice and had his thesis rejected by a committee of faculty members.

Overall, these are just a couple of issues arising from his claim to fame all over the computing world. But it is only a part of the man. These issues do not represent the full scope of who Emeagwali is all about, although one can question his character.

Read full detailed disclosures on the subject from CHXTA (click here..), BNW (click here…)



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