Posted by: Armel | April 7, 2008



This problem has been ignored for a long time by world leaders because the focus was solely on soaring oil prices. And it didn’t help that the complexity of western economies allowed them to sustain a sharp rise in the price of food.

But in other parts of the world, it is the exact opposite that has happened, there are civil troubles due to the rise in commodities price. Recent riots in poor economies show that people are really suffering and can no longer afford these price increases. The reality is it’s gonna get worse.. As the demand for food grows exponantially around the globe, the supply tends not to follow at the same pace. Result: there’s a shortage!

This shortage is probably going to continue for a while because INDIA, CHINA demand more food than ever. As the emerging markets’ buying power increase, they consume more, thus driving the prices to these high levels. In addition to CHINA and INDIA, BRAZIL, RUSSIA, TURKEY are also consuming more food than in the past.

An EMERGENCY TAG needs to be put on this issue if we want to avoid a more violent response from the people. They are struggling to eat and it seems nobody is listening. Various organizations have recently tried to attract attention on the problem but without intense news coverage from all Major News outlets, we can agree that nothing is goint to change in the short term..

Armel Njeunou

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