Posted by: Armel | March 30, 2008



 For those who have been fans of the TV show The Apprentice, in the early seasons, it was the Bomb! Lately, too much emphasis on corporates sponshorships & soft ads, combined with Trump fatigue made the last 2 seasons boooriiing..(Everybody is entitled to their opinions). But Mark Burnett the creator of the show, and the genius behind the biggest reality shows peaked my interest again when he associated himself with others African producers to launch The Apprentice Africa! So far, only Tv stations in Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania are broadcasting the 1st season of the show. The African replacement of Donald Trump is Biodun Shobanjo an advertising mogul in Nigeria. The show itself is set up in Nigeria, hustle capital of the world !

To watch recaps of previous episodes, CLICK HERE…

Armel Njeunou


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