Posted by: Armel | March 7, 2008




The major Corporations don’t wait in the shadows for too long… GOOGLE wouldn’t have made a move towards building GOOGLE KENYAif there wasn’t any potential revenue stream. One of them is Digital Mapping. I personally think that Digital Mapping remains a Gold Mine for African Web App developers because of the immense diversity of profit venues that could be derived from it. That’s taking in consideration the context in Cameroon for example. But the preliminary process only is so mind numbing and expensive (as I was advised by some good folks over at APPSTECH Douala). We’ll see what’s going to happen once Funding starts lining up (lol)

Anyhow, here are some of the offerings from GOOGLE KENYA :

– Currently, there’s an ongoing Google competition for local University students to develop gadgetsfor Google. 

– They are mapping the entire country with Google Maps – starting with Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Nakuru, with a Kenyan team, doing the mapping work, using the tools. Ideally the next step will be for maps to stream into local yellow pages. 

– Google partnered with local telecoms leader to give all their subscribers free e-mail. 

– Google vowed to be in Africa for the long term, with an altruistic motive of sharing local content & information. They helped NTV set up a Youtube platform that has been a big success in terms of Kenyans abroad now able to watch local news online. 

– Google Kenya plans to monetize in three ways – VideoAds, AdSense, Search Box advertising.  

– Already some local web sites are making good money off Adsense that is enough to sustain their online operations.

Added Sources: Google Kenya, Bankelele’s blog


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