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One of the fundamental reasons behind this blog is this new vision about Africa made by his own people. What if we build the Africa we want? And what if the whole world could take another look and see Africa through the eyes of Africans? What would you see? (Ted Global).

There are a number of forums, conferences and movements out there that are doing a really good job of attracting great minds and interested African people around the future of the Mother land in general and their particular country. Among those, there is The TED Conference: “Inspiring a better future for Africa through the power of ideas”. I personally adhere to the Africa 2.0 motto which basically believes in fostering change in Africa trough technological Innovations. I would add to that, the benefits of Wealth Creation and Free Enterprise as major factors to alleviate poverty. 

Here comes the debate: AID vs TRADE or AID vs WEALTH CREATION. No need to be an historian to form a solid opinion on the real long term impact of Foreign AID in Africa. I simply view it for what it is: an opportunity to create other venues to perpetuate the extraction of future Wealth potential out of the hands of Millions of African Entrepreneurs. Those potential entrepreneurs would never have the opportunity to participate in a more efficient way -than governments- in job creation etc… Call me extremist, but History data tends to back my opinion. So I think it is true that Foreign Aid benefits are overstated for the overall Continent.

Aid has helped many countries that’s undeniable, but in the process, it also suppressed the genius gene necessary to create this wealth we lack and hope for. This is real! It’s at the Heart of the daily struggle of hundreds of millions of people striving to make a better tomorrow for themselves and the next generation, not understanding why they still can’t get there.

Not everyone is interested in these “boring” issues but if you are, join the discussion. A little research on these Controversial topics would probably show you some interesting facts.

Armel Njeunou


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