Posted by: Armel | February 27, 2008


atm.jpg  CASH RUN !!!!

 Cameroon is essentially a cash economy. With the recent crisis, bank withdrawals by volume are going to be higher than usual with customers rushing to branches. So, long lines are to be expected inside all banks all around the country as soon as people are able to travel around freely. 

Unfortunately, I think people should also be prepared to encounter ATM’s running out of cash in more populated areas of cities like Douala and Yaoundé. This happened before with the most recent case being the long week-end preceding New Year’s eve celebrations last year.  

This can also be added as one the component for potential Inflation I spoke about earlier.

 A N



  1. […] Et ce pour les raisons egaleement detaillees dans le post precedent. Sans oublier mon post sur le CASH RUN dont les effets ont egalement ete evoques dans les journaux de ce […]

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